Fremont Brewing - The Rusty Nail 2020

Hello dear lovers of special beers! 


I have ‘‘ The Rusty Nail 2020 ‘‘ here from Fremont Brewing in Seattle / USA. This is an Imperial Oatmeal Stout with 13.3% alcohol, which was brewed with liquorice, then aged on cinnamon bark and finally aged for 15 months in 12-year-old bourbon barrels.

A thick stout flows into the glass - for such BA stouts a relatively large amount of foam develops, which also only slowly settles.

Aromas of smoked malt, big red gum (cinnamon chewing gum), pipe tobacco, dark chocolate and fine bourbon fill the air.

What then happens in the mouth is really great and very complex. First comes a decent note of Big Red Gum, a woody note of cinnamon surrounded by a hint of eucalyptus and pipe tobacco. Slightly smoked dark chocolate, leather, liquorice, brown sugar, damp wood, bourbon.

A full and very great mouthfeel, smooth, coherent and super balanced. The barrel ensures a warm, long and exciting finish.

I call such stouts ‘‘ Fireplace Beer ‘‘.

Lovers of such beers should definitely have tried it. If someone would like it, I still have a few bottles available 


I  recommend everyone to let the barrel-aged Fremonts breathe for 20-30 minutes before drinking them. It´s worth it! Just as it pays to let one or the other bottle age in the cellar. I've had good experiences with Fremont - it's very interesting to see how they develop.i


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